Dayle McCallum

Principal Consultant

ChangeOps is the product of my own journey of discovery, recognising my strengths, developing the opportunities that I had been unaware of and engaging the support of those around me to create something I had not contemplated before.  I firmly believe that most of our opportunities are sitting right under our noses, we just have trouble seeing them.

I have seen time and time again, the creative solutions and the surprising clarity that comes with working with a professional coach to tackle complex, ambiguous and often emotionally challenging problems affecting individuals and organisations.

I deliver coaching to individuals as well as teams, highlighting existing talent and designing development programs to deliver growth and enrichment. I am a trained and engaging facilitator, committed to your agenda and delivering desired outcomes.

I recognise the importance of listening to your specific needs and working with you to customise services that provide visible results and demonstrated value on your investment.

I provide creative people solutions based on the values of your organisation, best practice and applicable legislative frameworks to mitigate risk and ensure an appropriate outcome reflecting the integrity of your organisation.

Dayle is an experienced development specialist and human resources manager with 15 years’ experience across a variety of industries.  An accredited coach with the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership and post-graduate qualified in both human resources management and coaching and leadership, you can be confident of Dayle’s ability to facilitate creative, best-practice solutions for you and your team.