what we do

Executive Coaching

We bring about transformational change in individuals in order to deliver their full potential. Coaching can be structured against key organisational deliverables or personal professional development.

A variety of diagnostic tools may be used in conjunction with coaching to further understand development opportunities and how they correlate to effectiveness.

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Leadership Development

We design & facilitate development programs and/or workshops delivering against the specific leadership capabilities identified as enabling success in your organisation. By engaging with your leadership team, we uncover the collective view of what a great leader is and conduct a gap analysis to determine the development opportunity.

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Team Development Programs

We design and facilitate programs and/or workshops focused on developing relationships and ultimately, the performance outcomes of your team. These programs are delivered in module format over a period of time or as a single workshop event.

It’s not about tight rope walking, team development is based on a topic of your choice. Programs are underpinned by a theoretical framework and practically applied to increase awareness, identify barriers and create strategies in order to achieve team success.

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Leading Change

Are you implementing a significant organisational change? Your leaders are vital to ensuring change is implemented and sustained and your workforce is engaged. We can partner in your change management program to prepare and enable your leaders to deliver success.

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People Solutions

We can support you in recommending and implementing creative people solutions in terms of: development frameworks, performance management, workforce planning and human resources management.

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We hold accreditation to use a number of well regarded diagnostics from the following organisations.

Team Management Systems

The Leadership Circle